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Travel insurance

Your enjoyment of traveling abroad is not perfect when it is accompanied by fear of harm to health or loss of valuable luggage. If you want to travel in peace, leave us to take care of your insurance, even on your next trip abroad.
An overseas travel insurance plan provides you and your family with extensive coverage while staying outside the State of Israel. The plan includes coverage for expenses that are unforeseen for both medical needs and property damage. It is important to purchase the right coverage depending on the nature of the trip and medical condition.
You can purchase insurance online, to click:

Tourist insurance

The medical insurance is intended for returning residents, students, temporary residents and tourists. The service includes primary medicine, emergency medicine, professional doctors, laboratory tests, imaging facilities and medicines subject to the Israeli health basket, a doctor's visit to the insured's home, 24 hours a day. The service is provided when necessary to the customer at HMO branches or within a hospital/emergency room, and this by call centers.
The rest of the details in the insurance policy found on the website.

Medical insurance for foreign workers

Every foreign worker employer is required by law to take out medical insurance for the foreign worker he employs for the entire period of his employment with him. "See Foreign Workers Order dated 17.10.2001" Foreign workers can be insured with one of the insurance companies: Menora, Ayalon and Harel and receive medical services through the HMOs: Clalit, Leumit and Maccabi. Clalit insured will receive a permanent membership card that belongs to him and through it will receive medical service and medication, it is important to leave the card with the employee in the transition between employers and insurance periods. Insured Leumit and Maccabi will identify itself at the box office with a member number. Before receiving service, contact the center to verify eligibility and register with the regional mother clinic. An emergency application must only be made with an application form other than an emergency application. The rest of the details in the insurance policy found on the website.

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Hilit Insurance Agency (2003) Ltd. has been active since 1992 under the management of Moshe Levy and since 1998 as a leader in the field of health insurance for foreign populations. The agency specializes in insurance for foreigners, and cooperates with all insurance companies active in the field.
We are looking forward to efficiency, convenience and continuous improvement, so we do our best to provide technological services that are friendly and accessible to every user, cultivating the human resource that is a significant component in the professional service and constantly developing advanced operating systems to perform and receive information online.
The name and reputation built by the agency has great significance for its head and employees in terms of honesty, availability and professional dedication towards each and every client. It is these values and human capital that differentiate us and provide our customers with quality and accompaniment at every stage.
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